Cool Cinemarchaeological Sites

(That Aren't Really Blogs)
Andrew Borntreger's "website to the detriment of good film," which shows that some bad movies ain't so bad after all.

 And You Call Yourself a Scientist!
Lyz Kingsley offers up "a mad scientist's views on other mad scientists. And mad doctors, monsters, murderers, psychopaths, ghosts, freaks, weirdos and things that go bump all hours of the night and day."

 Post Apocalypse
A site about that fun genre of films devoted to exploring the question of what happens after the end of the world as we know it.

 Softcore Reviews
The title says it all--articles about softcore erotica.

 Films de France
Very cool English version of "the French films website that aims to present the most comprehensive and accessible guide to French cinema (whilst paying homage to films from other countries)."

 Exploitation Retrospect
"The Journal of Junk Culture & Fringe Media Since 1986." A place where, among many other things, Klaus Kinski finds the love he said he needed.

 The Encyclopedia of Women In Prison Films
Nothing less than an effort to "catalog and review every WIP film ever made."

 Girls, Guns, And Ghouls
Always a winning combination. A most readable "tribute to offbeat cinema by Boris Lugosi."

 Mondo Digital
Nathaniel Thompson's long-running, first-rate DVD and Blu-ray review site.

 So Good Reviews
Kenneth Brorsson's articles on Asian genre cinema.

 The Francofile
Cached version of an early-but-now-defunct Jesús Franco fan site.

 jriddle's Comics Comments
Has to do with comics, and only a little to do with movies, but I write it when I can get around to it, so the link is here.